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Brain Injury



Brain injury can be either an acquired brain injury (ABI) or traumatic brain injury (TBI). ABIs are caused by a medical condition such as a stroke or brain tumour, while a TBI is the result of physical trauma, such as an injury.

The complex nature of the brain means that people who with an ABI or TBI can experience a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, which can create challenges for themselves and the people closest to them.

At Generations Care, as a brain injury care agency, we understand that no two brain injuries are the same, so we create a bespoke complex care package tailored to the client’s injury, their symptoms and lifestyle, to deliver the right care, in the right way.

We work closely with the client and their family to select trained and qualified care staff to support them, experienced in dealing with the challenges, including in behaviours and mobility, which the brain injury may bring.

Alongside high quality acquired or traumatic brain injury care in the home, our ABI and TBI care packages are designed to support each client in achieving maximum independence and quality of life, by providing support for personal care, mobility needs, socialising, education, work, travel, hobbies, interests or education.

In selecting staff for our acquired or traumatic brain injury clients, we recruit those experienced in ABI and TBI issues to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to work as part of a brain injury care agency, providing the right support for any emotional or behavioural changes caused by the brain injury.

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